The Mentor

Sitting at a table in one of the boardrooms at Geist Magazine in Vancouver, I jot down the name of each person around the table as they introduce themselves. We’re all here for a workshop on presenting to a live audience. I pay special attention to a woman who’s written a book titled Cult, A Love Story.

CALS-cover-Dec2014-hiresBack at home I google her name, Alexandra Amor, and read her book. Her story is riveting and heartbreaking. I check out the contact information on her website and send her an email telling her how impactful her memoir was for me.

“Would you be willing to meet for coffee and share your experience of writing and publishing?” The worst case scenario is that she won’t answer, or if she does, she’ll say no.

She emails back a yes right away. I can’t stop smiling. How did I get so lucky?

Over coffee, Alexandra tells me she’s living her dream of a writing life, and that she works from home as a virtual assistant to a number of writers in England and on the Channel Islands. When I tell her I’m writing about being raised Mormon, and that I left home at eighteen to escape the religion, she offers encouragement and gives me her telephone number.

My “writerly” friendship with Alexandra Amor begins.

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