Reading at the Gibsons Library, Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gibsons, "little house around the bay" today - once a tool shed,
Gibsons, “little house around the bay” today – once a tool shed we lived in that dripped tar from the ceiling.
I arrived in Gibsons early for my presentation of In Polygamy’s Shadow at the Gibsons Library. The hot spring day added to the pleasure of driving by childhood memories – the tool shed we lived in, “the big house around the bay,” and “the house on the hill” – structures small now through adult eyes, and all changed beyond recognition.

The neighor’s yellow plum tree that I poached juicy fruit from was gone, along with the rope swing I dangled from, and the oak tree I climbed . . .

I was reminded that there is no going back, only forward, and home isn’t made of 2×4’s nailed together but the sense of self that I carry within.

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