Leader in Bountiful, B.C., Charged with Polygamy

It’s finally happened. After decades of public outcry and legal wrangling, Winston Blackmore, one of the leaders of the polygamous Mormon community in Bountiful, B.C., has lost his appeal. Blackmore has two dozen wives – some who were underage girls when he married them – and over one hundred and thirty children. On June 1, 2016, The Globe and Mail reported B.C. Appeal Court upholds attempt to charge accused polygamist Winston Blackmore.

The Globe and Mail article mentions that no trial date has been set, and that the trial will be held in Cranbrook, in southeastern B.C., not far from Bountiful. I understand that the businesses in Cranbrook benefit economically from the practice of polygamy in Bountiful. Hmmm . . .

Am I naive in thinking that with the charges against Blackmore upheld, a conviction is sure to follow? If Blackmore is convicted, will charges then be laid against the other polygamists in Bountiful?

Is it too early to buy balloons for a celebration parade? Regardless of the outcome of the trial, however, there can be no happy ending to the story of polygamy for the women and children of Bountiful – at least not in this lifetime.

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