Kristyn Decker, Author of 50 Years in Polygamy, Founder, Sound Choices Coalition

Kristyn Decker commented on Winston Blackmore’s warm welcome as a guest speaker at the recent Sun Stone in Utah and on the trial here in Creston. (Only one, easily missed media item has been published about the trial here in British Columbia):

Our SCC team and supporters were quite disappointed when Winston and other polygamists got the “Royal” treatment before, at and after Sun Stone. The pro polygamy speakers were the only ones who made the news – nothing new about that. Nothing. The media seems biased when it comes to pro or anti polygamy out-cries. The polygamists get .80 coverage to our .20.

The Supreme Court is considering taking on the Brown’s case. Utah has until next November to counter their plea. The only good thing about that would be if the outcome was the same as the Canadian Court Ref. Case. However, the way it looks now, the world might as well start announcing that if there are any polygamists and law-breakers, they can all move to Utah where they’ll be given free reign, and be supported by our tax dollars.

For further information on Sound Choices Coalition and their mission, please click on the link to visit their website.

Information above provided by Kristyn Decker and posted by Maggie Rayner

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