BC Government Contributes to Abuse of Underage Girls in Bountiful, BC

The BC Government—who act on our behalf—have contributed to the sexual exploitation of underage girls in the FLDS community of Bountiful, BC for decades. The government funds independent private schools in that community which do little except prepare the girls for underage sex with aging polygamists—in plural marriages—and the surplus boys for stoop labour.

Audrey Vance, of Altering Destiny Through Education, a group in Creston, in an interview on CBC radio with Gloria Macarenko this past Wednesday morning, reiterated that she ignored the abuses of polygamy she and everyone else in the Creston area were aware of, for years. Her group has had success offering outside education to Bountiful children, giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to leave the community and create an independent future.

Vance’s main message was that it’s too late for the adults of Bountiful, but if a full education is offered to the children, there is hope for change. Education is key.