Blackmore and Oler Found Guilty of Polygamy – July 24, 2017

With the guilty verdict in Cranbrook Court this past week, numerous electronic and print media have finally stepped up to give limited coverage to the situation that has existed in the FLDS community of Bountiful, BC for decades: the rape of underage girls—under the guise of the religious freedom of their rapists—with those committing these sexual crimes against children never before facing prosecution.

The vulnerable children of Bountiful—Canadian citizens entitled to protection under many of our laws—are being handed over by their parents to be raped and impregnated while their rapists claim freedom from prosecution for their atrocities, proudly declaring they are being true to their religious beliefs by doing it. And that they have a right to do it. What about the rights of the children?

This is not a situation of educated, independent adults, able to give informed consent, choosing who they share their life with and how.

In 2009 Constable Shelley Livingstone filed an Affidavit in BC Supreme Court stating the RCMP  had DNA and birth certificate proof that Blackmore had impregnated nine (since raised to ten) underage girls, and recommended charges be laid. Despite such irrefutable proof of his guilt, no charges were laid.

Does this make you proud to be Canadian?