Protect LDS Children

I was excited to receive this from Sam Young of If you know of anyone who has a story to contribute, please pass this on to them.

Thank you, my friends, for standing up to protect our children. We are now 10,000 thundering voices strong.
The petition is already making a big difference in the lives of many adults and children. Adults have reported that what we are doing has helped in their healing process. Children have been protected by parents starting to forbid one-on-one interviews.
The main purpose of our movement is to bring about major changes to the LDS Church’s interview practice. This petition is the first major step. Thank you for taking it with me.
The next step is to get as many stories as possible recorded on the new website Here’s why this is needed:
  • Various media outlets have asked for a convenient location where testimonials can be viewed of the damage caused by LDS interview practices.
  • Many church members are still unaware that sexually explicit questions are being asked of our children.
  • Many church members are unaware of the severe consequences that our children have suffered.
Here’s what I’m asking. If you or your children have experienced sexually intrusive questioning during youth interviews, please record your story at Short or long, the word count doesn’t matter.
Currently, we have 80 stories. My goal is 1,000. On January 18th, we will hold a press conference in SLC. Major media outlets are expected to be present. We have 2 weeks to accumulate the narratives that ultimately will be offered to the press.
BTW, you can choose to hide your name when recording your story.
I’ll get back with you when we launch our next step to protect our children.
All my best for a happy and healthy New Year,
P.S. Special thanks to the 80 of you who have already recorded your story.