Protect LDS Children – The Historic March for Children, March 30, 2018

The Historic March for the Children
Today, we officially announce our March for the Children.
This event will be historic in the annals of Mormon history. These are our kids. We have an obligation to protect all children in our society. And PROTECT…THEM…WE…WILL!!!
Date: March 30, 2018 (Good Friday)
Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Place: Salt Lake City and County Building, 451 State Street, Salt Lake City 84101
We will gather at the park adjacent to the Salt Lake City/County Building. A five block march will ensue to the LDS Church Office Building. There, we will deliver the signatures that have been recorded on the Protect-The-Children Petition. We will also present the book of Sacred Stories of Sacred Children, accounts of lives damaged from inappropriate childhood interviews.
In our petition to Protect the Children—
We call on the LDS Church to immediately cease the practice of subjecting children to questions about masturbation, orgasm, ejaculation, sexual positions or anything else of a sexual nature. This applies to all children up to and including age 17. There should be no one-on-one interviews with children. A parent or another adult of the child’s choosing is to be present.
We call on the LDS Church to publicly disavow this practice.
We call on the LDS Church to ensure that all congregational leaders, as well the general membership, are informed that this practice is prohibited.
Attendance Goal
We are shooting for 1,000.
At this moment, there are 14,725 signatures on the petition. Close to 7,000 are from Utah There are people who plan to fly and drive in from all over the country.
Our petition goal was 10,000 names. At the outset, it seemed impossible. Nope. It was totally possible.
Having 100 survivors come forward with stories seemed unlikely. Over 2,000 survivors have now shared their stories. 334 have put them out in the open for the world to see exactly what we are doing to our kids.
1,000 marchers? Is that even possible? When I gave this estimate to the city permit department, they were pretty skeptical. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN. Not for numbers sake. For our children’s sake. The bigger the numbers, the more likely will be the outcome we are looking for.
And exactly what are we looking for:
  • Protecting of our children by eliminating one-on-one interviews where sexual questions are posed.
  • Facilitating the healing of those children who have been harmed.
  • Protecting our bishops from risksing their reputations.
  • Protecting the good name of the Church. The world recognizes the danger we are putting our children in. It harms our reputation when we harm our children.
Please register for the event on Facebook or Eventbrite or both. At the moment, 92 have signed up.  Only 908 to go! We are almost there.
BTW, you don’t need to sign-up. You don’t need tickets. The sign-ups will help us and the city make the appropriate preparations.
I’m anxious to meet you as we converge on the common cause for our children.
***Please Share the sign-up pages far and wide***
Thanks a million,
Sam Young