March to Protect LDS Children on March 30th/Salt Lake, Seattle . . .

I thought I was done marching in protests.

And then I listened to Sam Young, organizer of the Protect LDS Children petition which now has over 15,000 signatures, (and learned he’s been accused of being an apostate by the church for this), being interviewed by John Dehlin of Mormon Stories. Young has compiled a book of 350 personal stories he’s received of children being sexually abused and groomed to be victims of pedophiles in LDS interviews. He will deliver the petition and the stories to LDS Headquarters in Salt Lake on March 30th.

The March 30th rally has caught the attention of national media. A local restaurant close to the starting point is donating 1,000 sandwiches to support those who attend.

There will be a number of rallies in local areas in conjunction with Salt Lake with a rally in Seattle on March 30th.

I’m thinking of going. Are you?