Convicted Bountiful Polygamists to be Sentenced on June 26th

Winston Blackmore and James Oler, convicted in BC Supreme Court on July 24, 2017 of practicing polygamy, will be sentenced on June 26th. Blackmore was convicted for having 24 wives and Oler, for having four.

10 of Blackmore’s “wives” were underage girls when he had sex with them, and all had less than a grade six education. Blackmore has yet to be charged with sexual abuse/assault under the laws of our province, despite the RCMP filing an affidavit in BC Supreme Court with supporting DNA and birth certificate evidence.

In 2013 Blackmore was judged “grossly negligent” by a Federal Court for falsely reporting his income, with his debt to Canadians in 2017 being $2,387,766.01.

Despite all, the prosecutor for the polygamy conviction still describes Blackmore as “law-abiding, hard-working and honest” and is asking for a sentence of 90 days to six months, and a sentence for Oler of between 30 days to 90 days.

The prosecutor’s description of Blackmore as “law-abiding . . . and honest” fits my understanding of the definition of “gaslighting”—getting a person to question their own sense of reality. For I’m sure left questioning mine.