Mormon Leaders Hide From Members. Following Children of God Trajectory?

I was moved to tears watching the live stream of the Protect LDS Children Rally in Salt Lake City this past Friday. Well over 1,000 LDS members and their supporters turned out to ask their church leaders to: Stop closed door interviews. Stop Asking Sexual Questions.

The rally, organized by Sam Young was held after members received no response in the last few years from Church leaders about their concerns, despite hundreds of stories of sexual abuse and sexual shaming in these interviews surfacing. At the rally one father reported that his young son had committed suicide and in his journal and suicide note cited that what had taken place in his LDS Bishop interviews was the reason. Other interviews were equally heart-breaking. Sam Young has received over 3,000 stories in just the past couple of months – only the tip of the ice-berg.

The marchers brought with them a petition signed by 55,000 and copies of a book of approximately 500 “Sacred Stories” submitted by those who have been harmed by Church members and practices, to deliver to their church leaders and apostles.

A request had been made, in advance, to LDS leaders to receive the petition and the stories. Only two young public relations employees were made available by the church to receive the petition and the stories—in front of a church office building. Marchers were told by security not to come any farther than the steps of the building and not to touch the building.

No Mormon leaders were present to greet “their people” and receive their concerns.

Mormon membership is declining in English speaking countries who have access to information about the church and its history on the internet. The church is ramping up their efforts to solicit converts and $ in third-world countries. Two new apostles from outside the US – one Latin-American (from Brazil) and one Asian-American have been appointed, in a precedent-setting move. I am reminded of the documentaries I’ve watched about the trajectory of The Children of God sect.

March to Protect LDS Children on March 30th/Salt Lake, Seattle . . .

I thought I was done marching in protests.

And then I listened to Sam Young, organizer of the Protect LDS Children petition which now has over 15,000 signatures, (and learned he’s been accused of being an apostate by the church for this), being interviewed by John Dehlin of Mormon Stories. Young has compiled a book of 350 personal stories he’s received of children being sexually abused and groomed to be victims of pedophiles in LDS interviews. He will deliver the petition and the stories to LDS Headquarters in Salt Lake on March 30th.

The March 30th rally has caught the attention of national media. A local restaurant close to the starting point is donating 1,000 sandwiches to support those who attend.

There will be a number of rallies in local areas in conjunction with Salt Lake with a rally in Seattle on March 30th.

I’m thinking of going. Are you?

Protect LDS Children – The Historic March for Children, March 30, 2018

The Historic March for the Children
Today, we officially announce our March for the Children.
This event will be historic in the annals of Mormon history. These are our kids. We have an obligation to protect all children in our society. And PROTECT…THEM…WE…WILL!!!
Date: March 30, 2018 (Good Friday)
Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Place: Salt Lake City and County Building, 451 State Street, Salt Lake City 84101
We will gather at the park adjacent to the Salt Lake City/County Building. A five block march will ensue to the LDS Church Office Building. There, we will deliver the signatures that have been recorded on the Protect-The-Children Petition. We will also present the book of Sacred Stories of Sacred Children, accounts of lives damaged from inappropriate childhood interviews.
In our petition to Protect the Children—
We call on the LDS Church to immediately cease the practice of subjecting children to questions about masturbation, orgasm, ejaculation, sexual positions or anything else of a sexual nature. This applies to all children up to and including age 17. There should be no one-on-one interviews with children. A parent or another adult of the child’s choosing is to be present.
We call on the LDS Church to publicly disavow this practice.
We call on the LDS Church to ensure that all congregational leaders, as well the general membership, are informed that this practice is prohibited.
Attendance Goal
We are shooting for 1,000.
At this moment, there are 14,725 signatures on the petition. Close to 7,000 are from Utah There are people who plan to fly and drive in from all over the country.
Our petition goal was 10,000 names. At the outset, it seemed impossible. Nope. It was totally possible.
Having 100 survivors come forward with stories seemed unlikely. Over 2,000 survivors have now shared their stories. 334 have put them out in the open for the world to see exactly what we are doing to our kids.
1,000 marchers? Is that even possible? When I gave this estimate to the city permit department, they were pretty skeptical. LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN. Not for numbers sake. For our children’s sake. The bigger the numbers, the more likely will be the outcome we are looking for.
And exactly what are we looking for:
  • Protecting of our children by eliminating one-on-one interviews where sexual questions are posed.
  • Facilitating the healing of those children who have been harmed.
  • Protecting our bishops from risksing their reputations.
  • Protecting the good name of the Church. The world recognizes the danger we are putting our children in. It harms our reputation when we harm our children.
Please register for the event on Facebook or Eventbrite or both. At the moment, 92 have signed up.  Only 908 to go! We are almost there.
BTW, you don’t need to sign-up. You don’t need tickets. The sign-ups will help us and the city make the appropriate preparations.
I’m anxious to meet you as we converge on the common cause for our children.
***Please Share the sign-up pages far and wide***
Thanks a million,
Sam Young

He Told Me He Was Afraid

I’m reeling. I thought I was done sharing my story of growing up Mormon. Now, I’m not so sure. Today, as a human library book at the Downtown Vancouver Public Library, one of my readers was—a Mormon. My “title” for this year was Polygamy and Me: Growing Up Mormon.

In three years of participating in this yearly three-weekend event, I’ve chatted individually with over one hundred people. When each reader sits down to talk to me I usually ask what they know about the religion. As the clean-cut, 25-year-old guy across from me announced that he was a member, I gulped. This was a first. Would our conversation be combative? Keep reading →

Protect LDS Children

I was excited to receive this from Sam Young of If you know of anyone who has a story to contribute, please pass this on to them.

Thank you, my friends, for standing up to protect our children. We are now 10,000 thundering voices strong.
The petition is already making a big difference in the lives of many adults and children. Adults have reported that what we are doing has helped in their healing process. Children have been protected by parents starting to forbid one-on-one interviews.
The main purpose of our movement is to bring about major changes to the LDS Church’s interview practice. This petition is the first major step. Thank you for taking it with me.
The next step is to get as many stories as possible recorded on the new website Here’s why this is needed:
  • Various media outlets have asked for a convenient location where testimonials can be viewed of the damage caused by LDS interview practices.
  • Many church members are still unaware that sexually explicit questions are being asked of our children.
  • Many church members are unaware of the severe consequences that our children have suffered.
Here’s what I’m asking. If you or your children have experienced sexually intrusive questioning during youth interviews, please record your story at Short or long, the word count doesn’t matter.
Currently, we have 80 stories. My goal is 1,000. On January 18th, we will hold a press conference in SLC. Major media outlets are expected to be present. We have 2 weeks to accumulate the narratives that ultimately will be offered to the press.
BTW, you can choose to hide your name when recording your story.
I’ll get back with you when we launch our next step to protect our children.
All my best for a happy and healthy New Year,
P.S. Special thanks to the 80 of you who have already recorded your story.

Sex Abuse Case Against Mormon Leaders to go to Trial

Filed in 2013, the lawsuit against the church accuses the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and church leaders of actively covering up the abuse and assisting a member with a criminal record for sexual abuse, to commit further acts.

The suit also alleges that the church, through its leaders, has tried to intimidate the families of the children suing the church and has allegedly directed fellow church members to try to convince them to abandon their claims “lest they run afoul of church teachings regarding forgiveness,” a copy of the suit reads.

Click here to read news article on lawsuit against the LDS Church.

Click here to read full details of the lawsuit against the the LDS Church.

Anyone Can Sign Petition to Stop Sexual Abuse of Children by Mormon Church

You don’t have to be a Mormon to add your voice to protect LDS children against sexual abuse.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can sign.

If you are concerned about protecting children from sexual abuse, Please click on this link and sign this petition. Please pass on the link to the petition to anyone you know who shares your views about the importance of protecting children.

If you want to know exactly what kinds of questions these children are being asked while closeted on their own with an untrained older man who has his own sexual  history and and may be a pedophile scroll to the bottom of the website page of the petition.

“Spotlight” Calls on Mormon Church to End Interview System

The prominent support group that helped expose widespread sexual abuse by Catholic priests is calling on the LDS Church to discontinue its practice of male bishops interviewing young Mormons behind closed doors.

Such conversations, sometimes about intimate sexual matters are “a recipe for abuse,” said Joelle Casteix, the Western regional leader for SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. “They should be stopped.”

Considered the oldest and largest support group for victims of sexual abuse in institutional settings, SNAP’s efforts were featured in the Oscar-winning film “Spotlight.”

Click on this link to read the full article by Peggy Fletcher Stack of The Salt Lake Tribune (the independent paper that the LDS Church tried to silence) about Spotlight’s call to the Mormon Church to end this interview system which places vulnerable children in situations where abuse can – and does – flourish.

Mormon Church Sanctions Sexual Abuse of Children, “Dirty Little Secret”

For anyone who read my last post about the systemic sexual and spiritual abuse of children by untrained blue and white-collar LDS Bishops, as sanctioned by the church itself, and had doubts about the content–does this really happen?– check out these two followup sources confirming my content.

Please click on this link to read the article Mormon Interviews Damage Children In this article the writer describes eight-year old children being interviewed about sex and masturbation – alone behind closed doors with an older man – and sets out the life-long damage this causes and a Petition to the Church to stop this abuse.

Please click on this link to view John Dehlin’s interviews on Mormon Stories Mormon Leaders and Inappropriate Interviews Regarding Sexuality. In this podcast Dr. Dehlin speaks with survivors of Mormon Leader sexual abuse, who were adolescents at the time of the abuse.

Why are Mormon parents handing their children over to be sexually and spiritually abused? Why are Mormon parents not protecting their children?