Behind the Scenes – Convictions in Bountiful, BC Child Trafficking Case

The foundation for the 2017 convictions in the Bountiful, BC Child Trafficking Case began in 1988 with Debbie Palmer’s escape from the community. Married at 15 as a plural wife to a 58-year-old man, she was handed around by the leaders of the polygamous Mormon sect to three different husbands.

In 2002 CBC’s The Fifth Estate aired the documentary about Debbie’s life, Leaving Bountiful. Further CBC documentaries and interviews exposed physical, sexual and emotional abuses in the community along with the cross-border transportation of adolescent girls – children – to the United States as plural wives to older men. Keep reading →

Severity of Harm to 13-Year-Old Girl Not Mentioned in Article

I just read the Salt Lake City Tribune’s report on Friday’s conviction of Bountiful, BC’s Emily and Brandon Blackmore. Reading it, I was keenly aware that The Tribune is owned by the Mormon Church. Kristyn Decker’s (50 Years in Polygamy, Sound Choices Coalition) comments about polygamist Winston Blackmore of Bountiful being treated like royalty by LDS deviants at the Mormon Sun Stone Symposium in Salt Lake City last summer also came to mind.

The lead sentence in the article may be a tear jerker for some – a son pleading for leniency for his father, convicted of trafficking his 13-year-old daughter to a pedophile – but not to me. I don’t find “my religion made me do it” any excuse for the nature and severity of this crime. Nowhere in the article was the severity of harm caused to his 13-year-old daughter, by his actions and by those of his wife’s, even mentioned.

If lasting change is to take place, and the children of our province are to be protected from harm, the perpetrators of unfathomably evil crimes such as these need to be held fully accountable.

Parents in Polygamous Mormon Community of Bountiful, BC Convicted of Child Trafficking for Sexual Purposes

February 3, 2017

In a landmark ruling today, Justice Paul Pearlman of the B.C. Supreme Court found former husband and wife Brandon Blackmore and Gail Blackmore guilty of the charge of taking their thirteen-year-old daughter across the border for a sexual purpose in 2004.

The Blackmores will be sentenced, April 13.


I Was a Human Library Book, In Polygamy’s Shadow, at the Vancouver Public Library, Downtown Branch

2017 Human Library at the Vancouver Public Library
2017 Human Library at the Vancouver Public Library

Relaxing with some of the other titles after last Sunday’s event, with Jordy who makes the Human Library hum and Emily in the forefront – our incredible organizer who keeps everything running smoothly.

There is only one weekend left – next February 4 and 5.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the Human Library, check out my interview with the Georgia Straight


Ask Permission or Claim Your Own Power?

In Polygamy's Shadow, Keynote speaker
In Polygamy’s Shadow, Keynote speaker, University Women’s Club of Vancouver at Hycroft, National Day of Remembrance and Action On Violence Against Women, December 6

I recognized the young woman by her signature Mormon smile, even before she told me that she’d just left the church. During the Q&A after my presentation of In Polygamy’s Shadow she asked, “How did you get off the membership list? Did you have go to your bishop, or to a bishop’s council?”

“I sent a letter to Salt Lake telling them what I thought of the church and instructing them to remove my name from all their records. I had to write twice.”

Only later did I remember that I’d sent the letter to everyone on the leadership directory.

Sound Choices Coalition

Thank you to Kristyn Decker, Author of Fifty Years in Polygamy and Founder of Sound Choices Coalition for providing this information.

Visit Sound Choices Coalition at

Why Not Polygamy?

No practice that results in such ill effects should be a “right” under the US Constitution.

“The harms flowing from polygamy are too evident to ignore and too serious to allow to occur under the guise of fundamental rights.” (Lawyer, Thomas Buck.)

“Good” polygamy versus “bad” polygamy? Canada’s ruling on polygamy found that “The harms associated with the practice are endemic; they are inherent.” This means that the harms of polygamy are not just the result of abusive individuals. Social, physical, or emotional harms are inevitable where polygamy exists. Keep reading →

Kristyn Decker, Author of 50 Years in Polygamy, Founder, Sound Choices Coalition

Kristyn Decker commented on Winston Blackmore’s warm welcome as a guest speaker at the recent Sun Stone in Utah and on the trial here in Creston. (Only one, easily missed media item has been published about the trial here in British Columbia):

Our SCC team and supporters were quite disappointed when Winston and other polygamists got the “Royal” treatment before, at and after Sun Stone. The pro polygamy speakers were the only ones who made the news – nothing new about that. Nothing. The media seems biased when it comes to pro or anti polygamy out-cries. The polygamists get .80 coverage to our .20.

The Supreme Court is considering taking on the Brown’s case. Utah has until next November to counter their plea. The only good thing about that would be if the outcome was the same as the Canadian Court Ref. Case. However, the way it looks now, the world might as well start announcing that if there are any polygamists and law-breakers, they can all move to Utah where they’ll be given free reign, and be supported by our tax dollars.

For further information on Sound Choices Coalition and their mission, please click on the link to visit their website.

Information above provided by Kristyn Decker and posted by Maggie Rayner

Leader in Bountiful, B.C., Charged with Polygamy

It’s finally happened. After decades of public outcry and legal wrangling, Winston Blackmore, one of the leaders of the polygamous Mormon community in Bountiful, B.C., has lost his appeal. Blackmore has two dozen wives – some who were underage girls when he married them – and over one hundred and thirty children. On June 1, 2016, The Globe and Mail reported B.C. Appeal Court upholds attempt to charge accused polygamist Winston Blackmore. Keep reading →

Reading at the Gibsons Library, Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gibsons, "little house around the bay" today - once a tool shed,
Gibsons, “little house around the bay” today – once a tool shed we lived in that dripped tar from the ceiling.
I arrived in Gibsons early for my presentation of In Polygamy’s Shadow at the Gibsons Library. The hot spring day added to the pleasure of driving by childhood memories – the tool shed we lived in, “the big house around the bay,” and “the house on the hill” – structures small now through adult eyes, and all changed beyond recognition.

The neighor’s yellow plum tree that I poached juicy fruit from was gone, along with the rope swing I dangled from, and the oak tree I climbed . . .

I was reminded that there is no going back, only forward, and home isn’t made of 2×4’s nailed together but the sense of self that I carry within.