IMGP2915Writing In Polygamy’s Shadow took four years of starting and stopping, and of arid spells of not being able to write at all – days when I simply couldn’t revisit the grief and losses of those growing up years.

Two pebbles, imprinted with Peace and Success – gifts from my granddaughters – were a significant part in continuing to inch forward. Each time I stalled in my writing journey, or doubted myself, I rolled the cool smoothness of the pebbles in my hands. My granddaughters never doubted, as I did many times, that I would reach the finish line.

The doubts that plagued me were: Why bother to write about my experience with Mormonism? Why not just get on with my life, and let the past stay in the past? Would what I wrote matter to anyone but me? Every time I picked up the pebbles, assurance pulsed through me that what I wrote did matter, and I saw the completed book in my mind.

There was no turning my back on the story unfolding on my laptop. My granddaughters’ pebbles poured energy into my journey, whenever the shine of my own magic had tarnished.

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