Reading at the Gibsons Library, Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gibsons, "little house around the bay" today - once a tool shed,
Gibsons, “little house around the bay” today – once a tool shed we lived in that dripped tar from the ceiling.
I arrived in Gibsons early for my presentation of In Polygamy’s Shadow at the Gibsons Library. The hot spring day added to the pleasure of driving by childhood memories – the tool shed we lived in, “the big house around the bay,” and “the house on the hill” – structures small now through adult eyes, and all changed beyond recognition.

The neighor’s yellow plum tree that I poached juicy fruit from was gone, along with the rope swing I dangled from, and the oak tree I climbed . . .

I was reminded that there is no going back, only forward, and home isn’t made of 2×4’s nailed together but the sense of self that I carry within.

The Gallery in Artisan Square, Bowen Island, May 15, 2016

The Gallery, Bowen Island
The Gallery, Bowen Island

“Things have changed in the Mormon Church since you grew up, haven’t they?” The voice of the woman in the audience seemed to ask for reassurance that I couldn’t provide. I knew without her telling me that she must have extended family who were members, or perhaps the children of friends. They couldn’t possibly be subject to the religious rules that had governed my childhood, could they???

The question came up during the Q&A of my first presentation and reading of In Polygamy’s Shadow at the Gallery in Artisan Square on Bowen Island. With so many years between me and attendance at church, all I could tell her was that I knew black men were now allowed to hold the priesthood and that it was still a patriarchal structure. Keep reading →