Charged with Polygamy in BC, Blackmore Guest Speaker at Mormon symposium in Salt Lake City, Utah

Balloons for the Celebratory Party
Balloons for the Celebration Parade

Don’t blow up any balloons to celebrate Blackmore’s conviction just yet. It’s the middle of August and no trial date has been set for Winston Blackmore of Bountiful, British Columbia. Criminal charges against Blackmore and three other members of that polygamous Mormon community were upheld by the BC Appeal Court and announced at the start of June. Charges range from polygamy to the cross-border transportation of underage girls – children – for illegal sexual purposes. (10 of the 27 wives that Blackmore married were under 19. Some were as young as 15 and 16 and half of those are American, still in British Columbia, years after their visitor visas have expired. One of Blackmore’s marriages is incestuous: he married his step-daughter.)  Keep reading →