Mormon Church Sanctions Sexual Abuse of Children, “Dirty Little Secret”

For anyone who read my last post about the systemic sexual and spiritual abuse of children by untrained blue and white-collar LDS Bishops, as sanctioned by the church itself, and had doubts about the content–does this really happen?– check out these two followup sources confirming my content.

Please click on this link to read the article Mormon Interviews Damage Children In this article the writer describes eight-year old children being interviewed about sex and masturbation – alone behind closed doors with an older man – and sets out the life-long damage this causes and a Petition to the Church to stop this abuse.

Please click on this link to view John Dehlin’s interviews on Mormon Stories Mormon Leaders and Inappropriate Interviews Regarding Sexuality. In this podcast Dr. Dehlin speaks with survivors of Mormon Leader sexual abuse, who were adolescents at the time of the abuse.

Why are Mormon parents handing their children over to be sexually and spiritually abused? Why are Mormon parents not protecting their children?