Mormon Church Defends Sexual Abuse on September 9th


Bishop Who Disagrees Receives Ex-Communication Notice

Vancouver, BC, August 31, 2018. Sam Young, an engineer and Mormon Bishop from Houston, Texas, leader of international Protect LDS Children, who went on a hunger strike to ask for a policy change, has received notice from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to appear before a disciplinary committee on September 9th for speaking publicly against the sexual abuse of children in church interviews.

Young posted a copy of the excommunication notice on his website Tocubit is Invisible’s Cubit with the comments below: Fast 23 days. Stand up to protect children. Speak out against a dreadful policy. Work to help the healing of countless kids who were severely wounded behind closed doors. Document the horrors. Apologize. And what do you get? Excommunication! After all, we are the Mormons. At least we used to be.

Thousands recently came forward with details of being sexually assaulted as children during “moral cleanliness” interviews by church bishops. Young is asking the church for: No One-On-One-Interviews. No Sexually Explicit Questions, Ever.

As part of mandated LDS policy and practice, girls and boys as young as eight are closeted behind closed doors with a lay volunteer, an older man with no appropriate training or a background check, and asked if they masturbate. Bishops are given no restrictions by the church on the questions they may ask.

A list of 29 of the most common sexual questions children have been asked are posted on Young’s website and on Protect LDS Children.

Facebook for Protect LDS Children, and other media, consider the questions too pornographic to post.

Young, a father of six girls, and a grandfather, was unaware that these questions were being asked by other bishops until four of his adult daughters told him this past year. Young has spent over $150,000 of his retirement savings to ask the church to stop normalizing sexual abuse within the LDS culture.

The petition Young started to stop these interviews now has over 55,000 signatures. This past spring, over 1,000 joined him in a march to church headquarters in Salt Lake City to deliver the petition and three books containing survivor’s stories, Sacred Stories of Sacred Children to each of the 15 top church leaders. Other rallies were held internationally.

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