Mormonism Obsolete

In September, the LDS Church excommunicated Sam Young, the founder of Protect LDS Children, for publicly speaking out and asking for: No One-on-One Interviews. No Sexual Questions. Ever. Pedophiles, and sexual abusers within the membership and leadership of the church continue to be protected by the organization which provides them with the means and opportunity for easy access to victims.

In October, a news story surfaced implicating the current President of the Mormon Church, Nelson, in the coverup of his son-in-law’s sexual abuse of his grandchildren and other children.

Nelson immediately issued the following edicts to his members, claiming to have received this as revelation from God:

(1 ) the word “Mormon” is too easy to find information about, on-line. Therefore the word “Mormon” is pleasing to Satan and is to be eliminated from use. The church is to be identified only by its full name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

(2) women are to take a “10-day fast” from all on-line social media.

Nelson’s edicts remind me of those that the Fundamental LDS leader, Warren Jeff’s, convicted of child sexual abuse, issues – from his jail cell – to his followers.

I “believe” I’m well and truly done writing about the Mormon Church.