Mormonism Obsolete

In September 2018, the LDS Church excommunicated Sam Young, a Mormon Bishop and the founder of Protect LDS Children, for publicly speaking out and asking church leaders for: No One-on-One Interviews. No Sexual Questions. Ever.

Pedophiles, and sexual abusers within the membership and leadership of the LDS Church continue to be protected by the church which provides perpetrators with the means and opportunity for easy access to victims, and with legal representation by the Church’s law firm, Kirton McConkie, to defend against any related charges.

In October 2018, a news story surfaced implicating the current President of the Mormon Church, Russell M. Nelson, in the coverup of his daughter and son-in-law’s alleged sexual abuse of his grandchildren and other children.

Nelson immediately issued the following edicts to his members, allegedly claiming to have received this as direct revelation from God:

(1 ) the word “Mormon” is too easy to find information about, on-line. Therefore the word “Mormon” is pleasing to Satan and is to be eliminated from use. The church is to be identified only by its full name, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

(2) women are to take a “10-day fast” from all on-line social media.

Nelson’s edicts remind me of those that the Fundamental LDS leader, Warren Jeff’s, convicted of child sexual abuse, issues – from his jail cell – to his followers.


Hunger Strike Puts Spotlight on Child Sexual Abuse by Mainstream Mormon Church

Press Release Sent to Canadian Electronic and Print Media

17 Mormon Bishops, including one from Canada, face possible excommunication for putting their names forward in support of No One-On-One-Interviews. No Sexually Explicit Questions. Ever.

Sam Young, an engineer and Mormon Bishop from Texas, is on the 19th day of a hunger strike in Salt Lake City, Utah to ask the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as LDS or Mormon, to stop sexually abusing children and grooming them for pedophiles. Others have joined in the fast.

Thousands recently came forward with details of being sexually assaulted as children during “moral cleanliness” interviews by Church Bishops. The mantra for Young’s group, Protect LDS Children, is: No One-On-One-Interviews. No Sexually Explicit Questions, Ever.

As part of mandated LDS policy and practice, girls and boys as young as eight are closeted behind closed doors with a lay volunteer, an older man with no appropriate training or a background check, and asked if they masturbate. Bishops are given no restrictions on the questions they may ask.

A list of 29 of the most common sexual questions children have been asked are posted on Young’s website Tocubit is Invisible’s Cubit and on Protect LDS Children. Facebook for Protect LDS Children, and other media, consider the questions too pornographic to post.

Young, a father of six girls, and a grandfather, was unaware that these questions were being asked by other Bishops until four of his adult daughters told him this past year. Young has spent over $150,000 of his retirement savings to raise member’s awareness of the damage these interviews cause, to ask Mormon parents to stop sending their children into these interviews, and to ask the Church to stop normalizing sexual abuse within the LDS culture. Donations of approximately $90,000 have been received.

The petition Young started asking the Church to stop these interviews now has over 55,000 signatures. This past spring, between 1,000 and 1,500 people joined him in a live-streamed march to Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City to deliver the petition and three books containing survivor’s stories, Sacred Stories of Sacred Children to each of the 15 top church leaders. Two low-level church employees were sent out to the sidewalk with a trolley, to collect the books. Other rallies in conjunction with the Salt Lake March were held internationally.

For the past seventeen evenings Young has held live-streamed side-walk sessions across from the Salt Lake Temple and invited each of the top 15 church leaders to stop by and chat. None have. This past Sunday he invited the President of the Church, Russell Nelson, to a special service for survivors harmed by the “cleanliness interviews.” Nelson didn’t show. 17 Mormon Bishops, including one from Canada, face possible excommunication for putting their names forward during the service in support of No One-On-One-Interviews. No Sexually Explicit Questions, Ever.

1,196 Signatures, Appeal Lenient Polygamy Sentences

Press Release Sent To Electronic and Print Media:



Vancouver, BC. July 16, 2018. The original petition Appeal Blackmore/Oler’s Lenient Polygamy Sentence: Protect Canadian Children, was sent to BC Attorney General, David Eby this morning with a follow-up request to Peter Wilson, the Prosecutor on the Bountiful, BC. Polygamy Case.The Petition, and the Reasons for Signing, can be found at

As of this morning, 1,196 ordinary, concerned people, are asking the BC Government and the BC Justice System to appeal these sentences—which change nothing for the children and women of Bountiful. The number of signatures on the petition continues to grow.

Reasons for Signing range from: “ . . .disgusting that this evil serial sex offender is not in jail for life, let alone 5 years . . . Sending him home to continue raping those children????!!!!! . . .He shows no remorse and plans to continue his practice . . . an insult to all the children these pedophiles have defiled . . insult to ALL Canadian women . . . insult to the rule of law . . .a joke and almost a reward and not a punishment or a deterrent . . . a slap in the face of all who have spoken out against the leaders of these groups who abuse and exploit women and children . . .Imagine that was YOUR 15-year-old child . . .”

1,196 ordinary, concerned people want change, and are asking Peter Wilson to appeal these lenient polygamy sentences.

Polygamy Sentence Cruel Joke – Petition to B.C. AG David Eby



Vancouver, BC. July 2, 2018. Maggie Rayner has started an on-line petition to ask David Eby, Attorney General for B.C., to arrange an appeal of the polygamy sentences handed down in the Cranbrook Courthouse last week. She believes the lenient sentences are a cruel joke and no deterrent for any polygamist.

Rayner, raised in Richmond in a mainstream Mormon family with polygamous ancestors, began lobbying the B.C. government in 2004 to protect the children and women of Bountiful from the harms of polygamy. She was told the reason that the government did not enforce existing child protection laws in Bountiful was the conflict between the section of the Canadian Criminal Code declaring polygamy illegal and and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms granting freedom to practice religion. When this conflict was resolved in the Courts, Rayner was hopeful that the recent conviction of Winston Blackmore and James Oler for polygamy, would offer a better future to the children and women of Bountiful.

While the Criminal Code outlines a sentence of imprisonment for five years, the lenient sentences: six months house arrest and one year’s probation for Blackmore, three months house arrest and one year’s probation for Oler, have left her frustrated.

Blackmore, who has 24 wives (nine were underage and two were 15 when he married and impregnated them) and 149 children, will carry on doing what he’s always done. He’s allowed to leave home to go to work, to appointments, and for any other duties he considers necessary. He’ll continue to collect the staggering large monthly child tax credit from the B.C. government paid for by taxpayers, as well as other government benefits. His children will continue to receive religious education in a school funded by taxpayers, and his babies will continue to be born in a private midwife’s client in Bountiful—hidden from public overview—built and paid for by taxpayers.

While Oler has left Bountiful and is living in Alberta, Blackmore can continue to do what he’s always done, and nothing has changed for the children and women in the community. At issue for Rayner is the inability of the girls and young women of Bountiful to give informed consent to practice polygamy. Most have only a grade six education, if that, heavily weighted with religious doctrine and homemaking skills. All have been indoctrinated since birth to submit to sex with a man old enough to be their grandfather. None of Blackmore’s 24 wives were independent, educated women when he married them.

Rayner’s on-line petition asking David Eby, Attorney General for B.C., to arrange an appeal of the sentences with the B.C. Prosecution Service can be found at under Appeal Blackmore/Oler’s Lenient Polygamy Sentence: Protect Canadian Children.

Polygamists Sentenced to a Few Months House Arrest with Privileges

On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, convicted Fundamental Latter-Day Saint polygamist Winston Blackmore, of Bountiful, B.C. was sentenced to 6 months house arrest and one year’s probation for practicing polygamy. He is allowed to leave home to: go to work, for personal appointments, and to perform duties he considers necessary. His punishment for practicing polygamy with girls and young women unable to give informed consent, is to carry on doing what he’s been doing for the last 30 years.

Blackmore, 61, has 24 wives and 149 children. DNA and birth certificate evidence at trial showed that nine of his wives were under 18, and two were 15, when he married and impregnated them. The majority of his wives have only a grade six education, if that, funded by BC taxpayers in Bountiful’s school which is heavily-weighted with religious doctrine and homemaking skills. None of his wives were independent, educated women, capable of making an informed choice, when he married them. They had been indoctrinated since birth to submit to sex with a man old enough to be their grandfather. While the RCMP filed an affidavit in 2009 listing the evidence that Blackmore had impregnated nine, since raised to 10, underage girls he has never been charged with rape or sexual assault.

James Oler, also a convicted polygamist from Bountiful, B.C., who has five wives, two under 18 when he married them, was sentenced to three months under house arrest and one year’s probation. Unlike Blackmore, Oler has been banished from the church and from Bountiful by Warren Jeffs, the pedophile prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Oler lives in Alberta and no longer has any contact with his wives, children or anyone else in the community. The Crown is currently appealing his acquittal last year of transporting a child to the states for sexual purposes.



Convicted Bountiful Polygamists to be Sentenced on June 26th

Winston Blackmore and James Oler, convicted in BC Supreme Court on July 24, 2017 of practicing polygamy, will be sentenced on June 26th. Blackmore was convicted for having 24 wives and Oler, for having four.

10 of Blackmore’s “wives” were underage girls when he had sex with them, and all had less than a grade six education. Blackmore has yet to be charged with sexual abuse/assault under the laws of our province, despite the RCMP filing an affidavit in BC Supreme Court with supporting DNA and birth certificate evidence.

In 2013 Blackmore was judged “grossly negligent” by a Federal Court for falsely reporting his income, with his debt to Canadians in 2017 being $2,387,766.01.

Despite all, the prosecutor for the polygamy conviction still describes Blackmore as “law-abiding, hard-working and honest” and is asking for a sentence of 90 days to six months, and a sentence for Oler of between 30 days to 90 days.

The prosecutor’s description of Blackmore as “law-abiding . . . and honest” fits my understanding of the definition of “gaslighting”—getting a person to question their own sense of reality. For I’m sure left questioning mine.

He Told Me He Was Afraid

I thought I was done sharing my story of growing up Mormon. Now, I’m not so sure. Today, as a human library book at the Downtown Vancouver Public Library, one of my readers was—a Mormon. My “title” for this year was Polygamy and Me: Growing Up Mormon.

In three years of participating in this yearly three-weekend event, I’ve chatted individually with over one hundred people. When each reader sits down to talk to me I usually ask what they know about the religion. As the clean-cut, 25-year-old guy across from me announced that he was a member, I gulped. This was a first.

He told me he was afraid. Too afraid to talk to his family. I relaxed. He’d started to doubt what he had been taught by the church about it’s history and doctrine and wasn’t able to keep to their admonition not to question or read any information from non-Mormon sources. He told me above all, he wanted to learn to think for himself. I nodded encouragingly. He’d been taught Joseph Smith, the founder of the church only had one wife, and he now knew that wasn’t true. He’d heard vague, confusing references to the possibility of polygamy being practiced in the Mormon After Life and he now knew that wasn’t a rumor, but part of doctrine. I confirmed that everything he was discovering was knowledge that I’d grown up with as a given.

I suggested he read Jeremy Runnell’s letter and he said he’d found it on-line two weeks ago and was still in shock. I suggested he check out and he said he had just started. My last suggestion was that he check out Mormon Stories on Youtube with John Dehlin as a respectful source for interviews with members who’d left the church, and also members who’d chosen to stay.

I realize now I’ll never be done telling my story to anyone who would like to hear it.

Sex Abuse Case Against Mormon Leaders to go to Trial

Filed in 2013, the lawsuit against the church accuses the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and church leaders of actively covering up the abuse and assisting a member with a criminal record for sexual abuse, to commit further acts.

The suit also alleges that the church, through its leaders, has tried to intimidate the families of the children suing the church and has allegedly directed fellow church members to try to convince them to abandon their claims “lest they run afoul of church teachings regarding forgiveness,” a copy of the suit reads.

Click here to read news article on lawsuit against the LDS Church.

Click here to read full details of the lawsuit against the the LDS Church.

Mormon Church Sanctions Sexual Abuse of Children, “Dirty Little Secret”

For anyone who read my last post about the systemic sexual and spiritual abuse of children by untrained blue and white-collar LDS Bishops, as sanctioned by the church itself, and had doubts about the content–does this really happen?– check out these two followup sources confirming my content.

Please click on this link to read the article Mormon Interviews Damage Children In this article the writer describes eight-year old children being interviewed about sex and masturbation – alone behind closed doors with an older man – and sets out the life-long damage this causes and a Petition to the Church to stop this abuse.

Please click on this link to view John Dehlin’s interviews on Mormon Stories Mormon Leaders and Inappropriate Interviews Regarding Sexuality. In this podcast Dr. Dehlin speaks with survivors of Mormon Leader sexual abuse, who were adolescents at the time of the abuse.

Why are Mormon parents handing their children over to be sexually and spiritually abused? Why are Mormon parents not protecting their children?


Mainstream LDS Parents Hand Over Children for Sexual and Spiritual Abuse by Leaders

Into the LightWould you allow your male neighbor or acquaintance to ask your young child about their sexual thoughts and feelings, while alone with them?

What is it about Mormons and sexual abuse? Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was caught by his wife having sex in a barn with a fourteen-year-old serving girl in his care when he was a middle-aged man. He coerced girls and women of all ages (some married to other men) who believed he spoke for God, into sexual liaisons with him by using the threat of eternal damnation if they didn’t submit. If that threat didn’t work he slandered them in the local paper.

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